Helen Joseph Newman

This was some task..I have a music library of over a million songs so I did it by year.

I can still remember, as if it were yesterday, my friends and I were at “The Hamburger Depot” (Wykagyl hot spot for after-school hook-ups)... we were listening to the radio and HE’S SO FINE CAME ON… it was such a tremendous hit that they played it 5 times in a row. Never before or never since that day, back in 1963, has a radio station done that.

1957 - Come Go With Me - Dell-Vikings
1958 - All I Have to do is Dream - The Everly Brothers
1959 - There Goes My Baby - The Drifters
1960 - Angel Baby - Rosie and the Originals (which I recorded for a Demo also)
1961 - Baby it’s You - The Shirelles
1962 - The One Who Really Loves You - Mary Wells
1963 - He’s So Fine - The Chiffons
1964 - I Should Have Known Better - And I Love Her - If I Fell 
            and ALL THE '64 BEATLES SONGS
            Under the Boardwalk - The Drifters