Patty Ann Smith Sparano
Looking back almost 50 years as we stepped down from the bleachers in June of 1964, I wish I had hugged those I would never see again, those who would not return from Vietnam and those who had their young lives stolen by illness. We were ready to meet every challenge, we were immortal. Regardless of where we belonged, who we knew, didn't know or wished we did, we were still our own community, wrapped up in a world of learning and exploration. In so many ways, I feel we were blessed to have so many caring and involved teachers who chose not to push us through the system but to push us harder, knowing our capabilities and supporting our potential as future adults.
50 years later, I’m a writer, a business manager and a hairstylist specializing in cancer support. That last one helps me give back in thanks for all that I have… three children, four grandkids and a husband who just shakes his head as I keep juggling everything that comes my way. In some ways, I’m still learning. Mr. Satz and Mr. Lombardo would be so proud!