Mark Major
After graduation I attended Wilberforce University in Ohio where I received a BA degree, and then on to Antioch college for a Master's in Teaching (MAT). Coretta Scott King's mother was my next door neighbor. Taught art at Antioch College along with the art of setting stage during "Rock Music's Infancy." Other jobs included: Auto worker at International Harvester, Inland Steel, Home Builder and Private Contractor. 

In 1970 my one and only son was born in Yellow Springs, Ohio (my greatest achievement) just before we set up for Richie Furray of "POCO" and "Neil Young" of Buffalo Springfield fame. Mark Ammaan Major is a Doctor in Silver Spring, Md. 

I came back to White Plains to teach sixth grade science for 34 years. Married to my lovely wife "Stella" for twenty-seven years. We have four grand children. Now retired to Columbia, SC for the past ten years. Still enjoy sampling the fruits of Classic Rock as well as the Oldies.