Andrew Kennedy Long
October 3, 1946 - November 1, 1974

"His serious facade is penetrated by a resounding laugh"

Remembered by Melvin "Jay" Rosenthal:

He must have been born around 1946 like the rest of us. He died in the 1970's. He was a Marine fighter plane pilot. He was in two crashes that I know of and the second crash was fatal. He loved his job, though.

He left behind a wife and two daughters.

For awhile we both lived in the same apartment complex. It was on Pelham Road, I think. We lived by the ocean and one time somebody dropped something in the water. He stripped down right then and there to his "white bathing suit" (underwear) and went diving for it -- he was a bit of a show-off/exhibitionist.

He had a 4-1/4" telescope and I had a 6" telescope that we lugged over to the bridge at Glen Island Casino to look at the stars. He thought it was very funny that the bridge attendant told us to "come back in the daytime when it's warmer."

As soon as we could drive we also went to the Shwangunks for rock climbing. He said his children would be lucky because he would take them camping and stuff.

The first time he ever got to make out with a girl he came over to my place afterwards. He was bouncing off the walls for the rest of the night.

He was an only child. His parents took his passing pretty hard. It was probably no picnic for his wife, either.

1966 photo, provided by Ken Rought
From left to right: unknown, Melvin(Jay) Rosenthal, Andrew K. Long,  and Earl Kishida

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