To live in the hearts we leave behind is not to die.
-- Thomas Campbell, "Hallowed Ground"

Remembering those classmates whose journey was cut too short...

Click on the links for more information; those marked "(C)" include classmate comments,
those marked "(O)" include obituary or other memorial information. Add your memories here.

Robert Lalli
Frank Ledermann (C)(O)
Joan Leff
Andrew Long (C)
Keith Long
Gail Losee (O)
Stuart Lott (C)
Theodore Macafity (O)
Robert Paul Mandell
John Margolis
Walter Stephen Mattson (O)
Nancy Mazzullo
Michael Jay Meyers (C)
Clarissa Miller Meyer (C)
Gail Montague Ksenicz (O)
James Michaelson
Howard Nelson
Baird Frederick Neudoerffer
Lee Todd Nordan (C)(O)
Joseph Notaro
Patricia Ogden
Joyce Ann Perone (O)
Neil Peterkin (O)
Martin J. Polonsky (C)(O)
Melvin Powell
Dennis Scott Preston (O)
Howard Ranger Ranzer (C)(O)
Janis Ritacco
Warren C. Robinson, Jr.
Susan Elizabeth Rose (O)
Michael Francis Rusaw (O)
Janet Rusk Anstett (O)
Marc Lawrence Scheer
Margery Schneller Martin (O)(C)
Benjamin Schoen (C)
Cynthia Schorr Wexelbaum (C)
Liccia Seeney
Nancy Luise Seligman
William Seres (C)
Barbara E. Shelton Lanza (O)
Peter Brett Sherman
Robert Siegel (O)
Clementine Signorilla Valeroti
Vernon Eugene Smalls
Arthur Edward Smith
Mark Stanfield
Ken Strong
John Malcom Timmons
James John Towey
Harold Triggs (C)
Richard Tufo (C)(O)
Ruby Tyler
Lewis Darnell "Sonny" Williams
Susan Wolfson
James Wool
Joel Zoldessy (C)
Ted Zuckerman

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Note: This information is to the best of our knowledge and from sources considered reliable. If you have any additions or corrections, or would like to share a memory, please provide the information on this form.